S-MT (Multi-Tasking) Horizontal Turning Lathe

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The SMT series of Horizontal Multi-Tasking Turning machines are designed for either a 100% Hydrostatic way system or a linear way system. The design is dependent upon the application and production use of the machine making it a true large part universal turning center.

The SMT Universal Turning Lathe can be designed with a variety of lengths, swing diameters and steady rests to solve the most demanding large, long part production turning environment and part geometries.

General Specifications

Working Range Axis Systems Linear or Hydrostatic
Swing over Bed 59 to 197" (1,500 to 5,000 mm)
Maximum Workpiece Length 157" (4,000 mm) to 590" (15,000 mm)
Turning Spindle Power Speed 200 to 700 RPM
Power 95 HP (71 kW), Options to 255 HP (190 kW)
Torque 18,440 lbs.-ft. (50,000 Nm) to 184,390 lbs.-ft. (250,000 Nm)
Automatic Tool Changer Capacity 40 to 160 tools
Milling Spindle Power Speed 3,500 RPM
Power 114 HP (85 kW)
Torque 3321 lbs.- ft. (4,500 Nm)

Available Options

  • Automatic Changeable Live Tool Heads
  • Tool Changers
  • Head Storage
  • Power Chucks
  • Hydrostatic Steady Rests
  • Grinding Heads
  • Coolant Systems
  • Tool Probe
  • Part Probe