CKD Blansco – Large Vertical Turning Lathes

CKD BLANSKO O.S. was originally founded in 1698 in the town of Blansko, Czech Republic for the manufacture of various machinery. CKD BLANSKO O.S. produced their first VTL for large part manufacturing in 1951. In 2010, production was move when CKD Blansko merged production into the TOS KURIM facility in Kurim, Czech Republic.

CKD BLANSKO produces very large vertical turning lathes with Multi-tasking capability up to 630-inch (16 m) with Y-axis gantry capability and with 1,000,000 pound table capacity turning. Part heights are available up to 315 inches (8 m).

CKD BLANSKO produces Hydrostatic Machines to provide the capabilities necessary to meet your requirements. These machines service a wide variety of industry and applications, providing state of the art solutions.

The turning and milling heads are also designed and produced in-house to provide a total package to best meet all your large part application needs.

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