REIDEN RX14 5-Axis Machining Center

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The REIDEN Technik RX14 5 axis machining center provides a solution to all of your machining needs with its Milling, Turning and Pallet Changing system.

The structure of the REIDEN 5 axis RX14 is designed to minimize all moving parts which guarantees premium stability.

The HYDROPOL base and column ensures superior machine process temperature control and vibration absorption.

Due to a specially designed head, the RX14 is able to machine angles ranging from -15° to +105° using only one axis. The design of this Trigone head also ensures minimum cross-stress during machining, ultimately allowing for better surface finish and reduced tool stress.

The RX14 is a compact 5-axis universal machining center with a very small footprint. The machine offers a significant machining envelope in relation to its overall size.

General Specifications

Working Range Table Size 55" x 47" (1,400 x 1,200 mm)
  Axis Travel X 71" (1,800 mm)
  Axis Travel Y 71" (1,800 mm)
  Axis Travel Z 48" (1,210 mm)
  Axis Travel A Spindle Head -15 to 105 degrees
  Axis Travel C Table 360 degree continuous
Table Table Weight Capacity 11,000 lbs (5,000 kg)
  Table Swing 75" (1,900 mm)
  Turning Option Speed 400 RPM
  Turning Option Power 100 HP (75 kW)
Feed Rate/Rapid Rates Linear Axis 1,574 IPM (40 M/min)
  Linear Axis Acc/Dec .5 G
  C Axis Table Feed 14 RPM
Spindle Power Spindle Speed 15,000 RPM - HSK 100A
  Spindle Power 85 HP (63 kW)
  Spindle Speed - Optional 8,000 RPM - HSK 100A
  Spindle Power - Optional 125 HP (93 kW)
  Spindle Speed - Optional 20,000 RPM - HSK 100A
  Spindle Power - Optional 201 HP (150 kW)
Automatic Tool Changer Capacity 92 - 204 tools
Automatic Pallet Changer Capacity 2 to 4 Pallet APC

Available Options:

  • High Torque or High Speed Spindles
  • REIDEN DDT (Double Drive High Torque/Hi Speed Spindle)
  • Direct Drive Turning Table
  • Tool Changers
  • High Pressure Coolant Systems
  • Mist Collection Systems
  • Tool Probe
  • Part Probe
  • Automatic Pallet Changers (APC)
  • Pallet Pools and FMS Systems