Dual Ram machines, like all TOSHULIN machines, are built for accuracy and reliability. These VTL’s feature two Rams for simultaneous cutting and integrated live spindles for applications/features requiring a high number of rotary tools.

The Dual Ram is used to turn the ID and OD simultaneously. This provides a 4-axis turning center for simultaneously turning the outside or inside diameter to increase the chip removal and shorten the cycle time.

Both Rams can be just for turning, or one or both Rams can be equipped with live milling, drilling and tapping. A flange face with many tapped holes could be processed with both Rams if they are both equipped with live spindle. This drastically reduces the drilling and tapping time!

You can achieve almost two times the throughput with a single machine.

Discover how TOSHULIN can open new doors for you and help you become more profitable and competitive. Contact us at Pilsen at 513-271-3380 to learn more about our capabilities and how we can assist with your unique application.



TOSHULIN is a global leader in the manufacture of Vertical Turning Lathes. Our VTL’s have an established reputation for exceptional durability, accuracy and the ability to hold close tolerances for decades. TOSHULIN is proud to utilize top-quality, state of the art manufacturing technology.

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