The high performance TOSHULIN vertical turning machines are designed for use in general machining and flexible production. The high level of capability covers a broad spectrum of advanced turning and milling technology. TOSHULIN VTL’s feature high horsepower and torque to deliver powerful, heavy cuts in difficult to machine materials while automatic tool exchange increases machining efficiency.

A two-position tool arm loads and unloads the tools, and automatically moves to the ready position for fast tool exchange times to increase productivity. The tool magazine is equipped with a two-position tool change arm mechanism that enables the automatic tool exchange of tools in the vertical position. It can be configured with various tools. Clamping systems of turning and rotary tools like CAPTO, KM, HSK, ISO or CAT are utilized to reach the machines full potential.

TOSHULIN has a substantial amount of tool storage options including carrousel type storage, chain type storage and rack storage with robot loading.

Maximize your shop’s potential with a TOSHULIN VTL.

At Pilsen, we have a long-held commitment to providing the best products and support to our customers. Our advanced product offering combined with our unmatched customer support provides you with a distinct advantage for your machining needs. Contact us at Pilsen at 513-271-3380 to learn more about how a TOSHULIN VTL can help you be more competitive and profitable.

TOSHULIN is a global leader in the manufacture of Vertical Turning Lathes. Our VTL’s have an established reputation for exceptional durability, accuracy and the ability to hold close tolerances for decades. TOSHULIN is proud to utilize top-quality, state of the art manufacturing technology.

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