Manufacturers understand that in order to remain competitive, they need to identify ways to drive efficiencies within the manufacturing process. TOSHULIN’s Automatic Pallet Changer system (APC) addresses your needs and improves your productivity, resulting in a cost effective and time savings solution.

TOSHULIN’s APC system enables machining and setup time (adjusting, setting, clamping)  simultaneously to considerably increase machine productivity. The setup station has the same bearing and cast iron base support system as the machine.

APC Features:

  • Accommodates up to three plain pallets.
  • Consists of a pallet shuttle mechanism for the transfer of pallets.
  • Power rotating pallet-loading station with indicator stand; which stores a pallet and can be rotated for part setup.
  • Fixed pallet storage location
  • Pallet Repeatability 0.00039″ (0.01 mm)

TOSHULIN can also supply 3-jaw mechanical self-centering pallets and pallets with hydraulic chucking capability. We have also supplied magnetic chuck pallets for bearing applications.

The standard APC system is expandable to include pallets to connect additional machines. These pallet systems can have an unlimited number of pallets.

The APC system is an ideal solution for increasing productivity on a TOSHULIN VTL. Contact us at Pilsen to discover how TOSHULIN can give your business an edge over the competition by optimizing your machine.

TOSHULIN is a global leader in the manufacture of Vertical Turning Lathes. Our VTL’s have an established reputation for exceptional durability, accuracy and the ability to hold close tolerances for decades. TOSHULIN is proud to utilize top-quality, state of the art manufacturing technology.


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