TOSHULIN and TOS KURIM are leading suppliers of Vertical Turning Lathes, Vertical Boring Mills, Table Type and Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mills to mid and top tier Job Shops and OEM’s. Our customers use them to produce parts for aircraft engines, rocks, submarines, ships bearings, oil and gas, power generation, tire molds and more. These fields require high demands on the quality and profitability of these products and production technologies. Staying competitive in these industries requires development of innovative manufacturing technologies and constant improvement of machine tools.

Along with other forms of application engineering collaboration, TOSHULIN and TOS KURIM provide test cuts, time studies and runoff solutions to realize the full functionality of your machine tools.

We also provide technical support to help you maximize your TOSHULIN and TOS KURIM machine tools. Pilsen offers the complete solution for all your large and complex machining requirements.

We encourage you to find out how Pilsen can be your shop’s partner for continuous improvement. You can leverage the full range of TOSHULIN and TOS KURIM resources and our substantial experience in engineering to meet your business goals and to increase your efficiencies and profitability. Contact us at Pilsen 513-271-3380 to learn more about out capabilities and how we can assist with your application.

TOSHULIN is a global leader in the manufacture of Vertical Turning Lathes. Our VTL’s have an established reputation for exceptional durability, accuracy and the ability to hold close tolerances for decades. TOSHULIN is proud to utilize top-quality, state of the art manufacturing technology.

TOS KURIM produces Horizontal Machining Centers, Table Type and Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mills, Traveling Table and Traveling Gantry Milling Machines and Gantry Machines with Rotary Tables. TOS KURIM produces both Linear Guide and Hydrostatic Machines to provide the capabilities necessary to meet your requirements. These machines service a wide variety of industry applications, providing state of the art solutions.

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