TOS KURIM’s FRU 5 axis Vertical Gantry with the optional turning table is designed for heavy duty industrial applications and machining complex workpieces. The versatility of the machine, particularly in terms of the variety of spindle heads available, provides a complete adaptation to machining requirements. The operational flexibility of TOS KURIM’s Vertical Gantries lowers costs and increases accuracies by reducing setups.

Like all TOS KURIM machining solutions, it is made for the most demanding operations while also being highly efficient. It features a traveling gantry that allows for full utilization of the work space. Additionally, TOS KURIM machines can be modified for a tailor made solution for your particular needs. Our customers use this machine for machining tram switches, steam turbines, ship engines, blades of Kaplan turbines, aircraft parts, etc.

The FRU working travels:

    • X Axis (4000 mm – 22000 mm)
    • Y Axis (3500 mm – 10750 mm)
    • Z Axis (1500 mm – 4000 mm)
    • W Axis (2000 mm – 3300 mm) Cross Rail Travel is Optional

TOS KURIM offers a wide range of solutions to meet our customers requirements and goals. Discover how the highly productive and reliable TOS KURIM FRU can work for your application and help you become more competitive and profitable. We offer customized solutions for your unique application with our expert Application Engineers. Contact us at Pilsen at 513-271-3380 to explore our diverse options with the TOS KURIM and TOSHULIN product lines.

Since its establishment in 1942, TOS KURIM has been a pioneer in introducing new technologies into practice. The company’s trademark has become a worldwide symbol of reliable and precise machine tools with a long service life.

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