The RMP60 is a compact workpiece probe with radio signal transmission which offers automated part set-up and in-cycle gauging on machine tools. The probe measures workpiece diameters, locations, heights and angles to provide accurate tool offsets for quicker and more accurate workpiece production.

The traditional Renishaw kenematic resistive probe mechanism in the RMP60, combined with a unique and secure frequency hopping transmission protocol, make it ideal for the modern machine shop where harsh environments mean line-of-sight between probe and interface is not always possible. The RMP60 features an integrated probe module delivering exceptional robustness and generous overtravel.

The RMP60 Probe is available for use on all of our equipment. Pilsen is an authorized distributor of Renishaw products providing a standard of excellence to our customers. Purchasing from Pilsen ensures that you receive knowledgeable customer service before and after your purchase. Contact us at Pilsen at 513-271-3380 to learn more about our capabilities and how we can assist with your unique application.

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