Grinding heads are easily integrated into new TOSHULIN VTL’s. The heads are automatically loaded onto the ram. Grinding wheels can be automatically loaded into the heads or you can utilize arbors for manually changing wheels into the head. This extends the machine’s process capability to grind certain features that require closer tolerances or better surface finishes than traditional turning/milling can achieve.

The automatic heads have up to 4500 RPM capability. The heads incorporate coolant flushing of the workpiece and wheel while in use. The grinding wheels can be oriented vertically or horizontally to have the best approach to the workpiece.  Grinding heads incorporate precision bearings to achieve better accuracies and surface finishes.

Spindle speed up to 4500 RPM provided on standard machines with 50.3″ or 59″ length rams. These speeds are also available for taller machines with the 74″ length ram.

We also provide electrospindles with 8000 RPM for those features/materials that require higher grinding speeds. The electrospindles are liquid cooled.

Additionally, we offer solutions for high horsepower grinding. For two axis machines, the grinding spindle is 30 HP (continuous) with 3000 RPM as standard. For three axis machines, 50 HP (continuous) grinding is provided with an independent cooling system.

The machine has an automatic dressing system for wheel cleaning, sizing and providing specialized shapes and angles. This is programmable for easy and accurate results. The automatic dressing system is programmable up to 4850 RPM in four (4) steps.

These systems provide the TOSHULIN user with a complete grinding solution in addition to accurate and capable turning and milling operations.

At Pilsen, we have a long-held commitment to providing the best products and support to our customers. Our advanced product offering combined with our unmatched customer support provides you with a distinct advantage for your machining needs. Contact us as Pilsen at 513-271-3380 to learn more about our capabilities and how we can assist with your unique application.



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