Technology continually evolves to enhance our data recording and our ability to quickly and easily provide data in a format that is understandable and more importantly, useful for our decision making.

Information at your fingertips when you need it – in a data form easy to understand.

  • Information on the availability of each individual machine in your facility or multiple facilities.
  • Communication with the machine to receive real-time machine status data.
  • Reporting on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.
  • Communication from the machine to your mobile device or computer so you can rest easy or adjust work flow as required to meet or exceed your daily plan.
  • Communication to alert you when the machine needs new workpiece or tooling.

Real time analysis of accurate data for better decision making.

Industry 4.0 is the technological framework that is transforming our manufacturing plants into those “smart factories” able to elevate on an industrial scale.  This is the same revolution that in the last ten years has impacted on our personal lives.

Today we are all experiencing how smart phones, social networks, embedded AI, home automation and the App economy are changing our way to relate to each other and to do things. These very same technologies (together with many others) will change the way we all will work tomorrow.

Our partners continually add to the capability as software/hardware becomes more powerful and user friendly.

Ask us how we can assist you as you add and refine your internal capabilities to better manage your business.