July, 2002

CINCINNATI – Pilsen, delivers value to their manufacturing customers that far exceed that of simple machine delivery and service.

“We purchased five TOSHULIN VTLs from Pilsen late last year (2001). After working with Pilsen to install the machines and train our people on how to use them, my boss commented to me that it was the smoothest installation of machine tools he had ever seen,” says Ron Rancourt, NC Programmer and Technical Team Leader for a steam turbine parts manufacturer in the North East.

Smooth installations have become a hallmark of Pilsen’s reputation for delivering best-in-class service and support for all the TOSHULIN machines it sells. Roberts, Sales Manager for Pilsen, says his company’s success is due in part to the care it takes to customize each machine’s user documentation and training to meet the unique needs of the users. “We marry the operation of each machine to each customer’s process,” says Mr. Roberts.

To accomplish this, Mr. Roberts says a Pilsen technician visit each customer a week or more before a machine installation is complete to check the machine against the documentation supplied by the factory. “We also ask the managers what they want their people to and what they don’t want them to know early in the Order Management process. Then, we rewrite the user information into a ‘button push by button push’ process sheet that inform the machine operators exactly what to do for each function. After a few days, the operators know they can go to the process sheet if they have questions.”

Customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from Pilsen’s unique commitment to user training. As a result of the process sheets, Pilsen has experienced a reduction in the number of application support requests it receives from customers. “We didn’t intend for that to happen,” says Mr. Roberts. “It just did.”

Once a process sheet is written, Pilsen then uses that sheet as a reference guide for training. Pilsen’s approach to training is hands on and typically requires very little, if any, classroom time. “If you’re away from the machine, you don’t retain what you’re learning,” Mr. Roberts says. “All training is conducted on the actual machine.”

“After we installed our first machine, Pilsen came out and spent a couple days reviewing the machine’s control, and then spent four days training our operators. When they felt comfortable, he left,” says Mr. Rancourt. “Today, the machines Pilsen supplied are the best package I have ever seen.”

Pilsen provides customization and specialized training programs, as well as its solution- and application-driven sales approach. To learn more about Pilsen and TOSHULIN a.s., visit www.www.pilsenimports.com.

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Pilsen is a leading supplier of vertical turning equipment, specializing in the installation service, and support of TOHSULIN vertical turning machines. We are dedicated to providing our customers with 24/7 service and support, including overnight delivery and on-site support, and comprehensive operators’, programming, and maintenance training for every machine we sell.


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