TOSHULIN VTL’s are built with flexibility in mind. Flexibility with tooling, flexibility with HP and torque and flexibility in providing complete machining solutions. The TOSHULIN C-Axis head is no different with flexibility and time savings that have a proven impact on machining off-center features.

TOSHULIN VTL’s combine a lathe and a milling machine to produce complex parts quickly as opposed to performing multiple operations with different machines. The ability to have a table C-Axis and the head C-Axis combine to provide Y-Axis machined features, allows precise machining of off-center features in the same setup as the other turning, drilling and milling operations. This feature adds to the standard functions of the lathe by using rotary tools, drilling, tapping, milling and grinding to make it possible to successfully machine circular and linear workpieces.

Your shop can be more productive, experience reduced setup times (with live tooling providing increased performance) and 60-80% time savings when using TOSHULIN’S C-Axis head for drilling and tapping.

The C-Axis head can be equipped with a 62 HP 3000RPM mechanical spindle or a 12,500 RPM electrospindle.

TOSHULIN machines integrate all technologies of material removal – turning, drilling, tapping, milling, grinding, etc. This provides the highly productive, complete machining solutions that adds to the competitive advantage for our customers.

At Pilsen, we have a long-held commitment to providing the best products and support to our customers. Our advanced product offering combined with our unmatched customer support provides you with a distinct advantage for your machining needs. Contact us at Pilsen at 513-271-3380 to learn more about how we can provide solutions to your most demanding technological applications.


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