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Pilsen has knowledgeable personnel with over 30 years experience in the Machine Tool Industry.
In-depth discussions/analyses of the prospective customer’s needs help determine the type and size of machine that will best meet your requirements as well as other features that might be found to increase productivity.
A proposal is created for the machine that best fits your requirements.
Thorough proposals are provided that include detailed machine descriptions, technical specifications and photos of similar machines. These proposals are then adjusted as we refine the exact specifications that will provide the greatest benefit to your operation.
At the time of order, a complete order management review is conducted with a detailed document to identify the timeline for all information required during the project cycle.
An order acknowledgment contract is created that specifies the machine details, all agreements and timeline commitments from the builder, Pilsen and your company.
The build process and the order management schedule are continuously monitored to ensure on-time delivery of the exact machine ordered.
Pilsen jointly determines the machine acceptance criteria and ensures that it is prepared correctly. A machine geometrical alignment and accuracy protocol is created and presented to you.
All of the importation documentation and TSA requirements are fulfilled to ensure that the shipment is cleared through customs in a timely manner.
Transportation of the machine is arranged, the shipment is monitored and the schedule is confirmed. We arrange machine loading onto trucks at the port of entry. We can also coordinate the machine delivery to your facility.
The machine is assembled on site (with your personnel and equipment assistance).
The machine alignments and accuracies are re-measured as the machine is assembled on your floor.
The machine is tested and the final machine geometrical alignment protocol is presented. All final tests are conducted and documented. This protocol provides a baseline for future reference.
After machine testing is complete, on-site training is provided to instruct your personnel on the machine operation, trouble shooting and maintenance techniques. The training is personalized for your specific internal processes and skill sets. We customize our training methods and training materials to provide machine operation and support per your company’s philosophy.
24/7 Parts and Service support.
Onsite inventory based upon historic customer needs.
Replacement parts are sourced in USA whenever possible.
Preventative Maintenance programs are offered.
Machine geometrical and laser alignments offered.
Part programming, tooling, fixturing for turn-key assistance is available.
Customized training programs available.